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Address :
Rue A. Baccus, 35 - 1350 Folx-les-Caves (Orp-Jauche)
Contact :
Monsieur Somers Koen
- Phone : +3216618400
- Mobile : +32498933850
- E-mail :
Application : Indoor
Languages : Français, Anglais, Néerlandais, Allemand


In the eighteenth century, the highwayman Pierre Colon, nicknamed "The Pigeon", would hide in this cave. Thus, Colon never fell into the hands of the police. This is where he kept the most valuable items of his stolen goods.

Only one diamond of great value has never been found. Colon had its hiding place written down in his will. However, the publication of the will has never been authorised. Today, the notary Jean Charlot Delfosse decides nevertheless to proceed with the reading of the will because of the increasing danger of the collapse of the cave.

In fact, Colon expressed the wish that "the work of his life" would not be lost. The participants, all of whom are great-grandchildren of Colon, are invited to attend the reading of the will by the notary Delfosse.

The quest for the diamond can thus begin. Which of his great-grandchildren will emerge victorious from this dark place, populated by witches and wizards? The different stages of the game allow you to get closer and closer to the secret hiding place of the treasure. Various trials await you along the way, such as the handling of a laser beam, looking through night view glasses, using a metal detector, deciphering a secret code, the gallows test ... eventually leading you to the treasure.

For this event, the weather is always on your side: in the caves, the temperature is about 13 degrees. The corridors of the caves are wide allowing ease of movement.


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