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Address :
Rue Sainte Anne , 152 - 1300 Wavre (Wavre)
Contact :
Monsieur Visart Brice
- Phone : +3210223387
- E-mail :
Application : Outdoor
Minimum number of participants : 20
Maximum number of participants : 80
Minimum duration : 3h00
Maximum duration : 8h00


"Put your spirit of adventure to the test on the 11 treetop adventure trails. Try out some aerial acrobatics as you make your way through the 145 games in the park, from zip lines to rope bridges to Tarzan jumps ...

Team Building Concept:

Team building by "Outdoor training" is a method of learning by doing, the aim being to involve the individuals of a working group in activities taking place in a natural environment. Through fun activities, we create exceptional situations where participants will learn how to act and react together outside of their everyday behavioural patterns and beyond cultural and hierarchical barriers.

"We retain 20% of what we hear, 50% of what we see and 80% of what we do!"


Team building through "Outdoor training" makes it possible, through fun activities, to increase the effectiveness of a working group through a five-point improvement concept:

1. Personal development: individuals start to realise that the many limits they feel are artificial and were imposed by themselves.

2. Group cohesion: by coming face to face with exceptional situations, the method of functioning of the group emerges. Participants learn that being a member of a team is as demanding as managing it and the fulfilment of a collective goal is often achieved through individual actions.

3. Leadership: whatever their hierarchical position, everyone can develop a form of leadership to use and evaluate without threatening self-confidence or career advancement.

4. Communication: leaving behind the daily environment and cultural and hierarchical barriers makes it possible to create and facilitate communication between individuals.

5. Innovation: exceptional circumstances call for exceptional reactions that often require the development of innovative strategies and solutions.


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